Passion To Plan

“We are who we choose to be”…Spiderman

Spend your energy on what is of value to you. Bypass discourses and arguments that will steal your Time and Life away. Walking away from an argument is oftentimes better than spending emotional currency on something you possibly cannot change.

Then again, when you commit to something important – commit 100% and give it your all.


Choose to stay physically well. It gives you a sense of determination, direction and enhances your self-esteem. Learn to understand your body’s signs. Stay fit. It will help you stave off illnesses. Engage in activities that will build cardiovascular and muscle strength, increase flexibility and balance as you age and challenge yourself slowly.


Live in harmony with fellow human beings and other life forms by developing positive relationships through compassionate behavior. Respect yourself and others, and build a strong social and support system that includes…

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