Time Plan for the life long via eternity…

It’s very crucial for everyone’s life time that whether he/she carries out a well-planned life or not. In our earthly life time, we can make mistakes which can be repairable or irreparable. However, if we lost our any or some organ then afterward we can continue our life passage. This is truly possible.

Have ever we thought about our eternal life? Surely there need to be a proper and sound life plan with having time management for eternal life. If we fail the passage of time, sure we will fall down or fall in scarcity what we face in the earthly life. More clearly to say, if we pay more attention and hardworking on our professional life, it must be in a planned way with every moments proper and sound time management, and finally we will get the results what we have done our best efforts. Here, two points: whether we can success or take the failur either for our mistake or misplanning or mismanagement of time or finally we will success–the similar way we should think about our eternal life which is final life!

So it is our last time to correct what we are doing for our eternal life’s mission and plan.

ALLAH is the Owner of time & space both in earth, universe and heaven!

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