Coaching to Safety: The Four C’s



Staff buy-in to the concept of safety gear is crucial. Even though employers are paying for required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), getting employees to wear it isn’t always that easy. PPE includes anything that is used to protect the body against the effects of contamination or physical harm. Examples of this would be:

Clothing to protect the body, such as insulated bib overalls and coveralls;
Items to protect employees’ hands, knees, and feet, such as anti slip grip gloves and hard cap knee pads;
Items to protect the head and face, such as hard hats and FR hard hat tube liners.
Other examples or PPE include hearing protection devices, safety harnesses, life jackets, and breathing protection devices—all of which are created with employee safety in mind.

Despite the clear benefit of Personal Protective Equipment, some staff may still be reluctant to wear it. They might say it is uncomfortable, unnecessary…

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