The Importance of Quality Eye Protection

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When working with heavy machinery, protecting your eyes is of utmost importance. Low quality vision wear can easily crack and chip. And at the moment you need protection the most, they could cause more of a problem than protection to your eyes. Making sure you always wear quality, high impact glasses or goggles can mean the difference between keeping and losing your vision for life.

Regular sunglasses are no substitute for safety goggles. Metal shavings, sparks, wood chips and gravel are microscopic and can easily penetrate the space between traditional glasses and your face. These particles are usually traveling at high rates of speed and could lead to blindness. The protection in the periphery of the eye wear is imperative to protecting your eyesight.
Industrial Eye Protection PPE
Trusting your vision protection to cheap safety glasses could spell a problem in many more ways than one. Aside from the potential of allowing shatter fragments…

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