How do measure you sales training get out of the most!


Really, great challenge ever face a sales trainer when he/she is on face to sales audience. Lots of eyes are looking at you to serve the pain who diagnose the pain of tons over the sales life! However, the sales success is far crying! Some of them are happiest; on the trun, the black hole of market grabbing the enitre sales market. Now, sales trainer is on the sace, the pin-point silence. After the icebreaking, what would be the breakthrough!

You’re on the face of salespeople who are the master of sales, ever & ever on you career as a sales trainer. So are you really serious? Are you preparing the due strata of mind set and skill set as well? Okay, you’re doing so, but are they enough maybe confidently saying you’re winning over!

Finally, you’ve stated seeing hew and cry on mind! Sometimes so cool cool! It’s real life time drama. The audience, they’ve family and fans at this moment on their mind; only souls are trasmitting the real code of life, live over life. What you do, do your best!

Actually, these are the really tuff situations with your stuff you deliver. So let us see why sales training plays a vital role. There is a old saying in arm forces that when the commander in chief of army thows a hand granade in the real war field, he/she do that what he/she has been trained and tought by his/her training instructor in the first life army training. So if it is inhouse sales training, the trainer is a vital person. But we regret to say, he/she the worst person in the context of Bangladesh local companies excel on the sales, marketing and distributions. To my mind, the sales instructor is considered to be the worst of company followed be the entire sales force as the symbol of pathfinder in the devastating ever challenging sales situations! The hand grande is the sales pitch on the reminder of old brain is the ever loving sales instructor prsuader as one decision maker. In that case, that sales pitch thrown by salesman implies the wholistic sales success on order of what?

Secondly, company have recruited a whole of salesforces for those who would combat the war of sales, but are they professional soilders or patriotic? In other words, if they are professional then how they made up of such sorts of? How they suited and booted? And finall do they fight for the company or not? The inhouse sales trainer would determine his/her role in the hall of audience what he/she is going to manuver his speech and direction. In this case, the company would support the sales trainer with necessary supports and watchdogs as well!

Really & finally, it is all out decision behind the pitch of sales the sales trainer do more and more, even the span of whole of life the sales professional. So treat the sales trainer what we see in the economically advanced world. What we do in Bangladesh is really much matter of rethink!

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